Safechaintoken; The Pioneer Hyper Deflationary Token with Multiple Use Cases

One of the fastest-growing investment options in the crypto space today is deflationary tokens. Many Defi projects launch every day, promising to provide a token that perpetually increases in value. Most of these projects often promise to use token burning to reduce supply and increase demand.

But, some of these tokens don’t have any real use cases. While burning can help make coins deflationary, only real-time use cases can increase demand to make them truly deflationary. One example of a network launching a hyper-deflationary token is Safechaintoken. But, what is Safechaitoken?

What is Safechaintoken?

Safechaintoken, $SCT describes itself as a hyper deflationary utility token. The $SCT token is the flagship asset used in all the network’s products. Due to its deflationary nature, this token will provide lots of rewarding options. This token has a lot of use cases and allows people to exchange and swap any assets instantly.

Staking and Farming DApp

The network introduces a staking dApp to help investors maximize their incomes. In the dApp, investors will stake Safechaintokens to earn rewards. Staking involves using the coin/tokens you already own to farm more tokens. As you earn more tokens, your portfolio grows wider.

While providing the staking dApp, investors will also enjoy the liquidity farming option. Liquidity farming is putting your money in a pool to provide liquidity. That is common in decentralized exchanges. As a result, you will gain tokens from the tokens paid as fees.

Safechainswap DEX

Safechainswap is one of the main projects using Safechaintoken. It’s a decentralized exchange running in the Binance smart chain. Like others, Safechainswap uses liquidity pools and AMMs to provide efficient services.

In this swap, there are no KYC and registration processes. Instead, as a user, you can buy funds directly from the wallets. In this swap, you will swap any tokens available instantly. Safechainswap is user-friendly to enable users to enjoy the benefits.

Future NFT Marketplace

Another application of Safechaintoken will be in the NFT marketplace. The marketplace is a future project. According to the whitepaper, the first package will be Pokemon. As such, investors can take advantage by purchasing the tokens now.

Rewarding Opportunities for Safechaintoken

While introducing the many tools, Safechaintoken also brings rewarding options for the users. Among the ways the network will reward users include;

  • Token burns. The first and easiest way the network will improve value and reward users is through token burns. Safechaintoken already burnt 10% of its total supply. It will be burning another 10% of the total supply in the future. Burning will ensure the tokens remain deflationary, thus adding value to users.
  • Static reflections. Every transaction has a tax of 10%. Safechaintoken will send 5% to liquidity pools and the other 5% to all token holders.
  • Weekly community giveaways. Safechain will be providing weekly giveaways to the users in the form of tokens. It sets a bounties wallet with 6250000 $STC. The network will offer giveaways in bounties, airdrops, and trade competitions.
  • The swapping options will be integrated in the fourth quarter of 2021.
  • Hyper deflationary. The token has a total supply of 250 million. Since the supply will decrease over time due to burns, the value will increase.

Audited By Solidproof

Another exciting thing about the Safechain network is auditing. As the crypto space grows, there are increasing security issues. Safechainswap network aims to ensure the security of investors remains a top priority.

Hence, Safechain token is planning to have an audit by the Soldiproof network. This audit aims to ensure the contract, the taxes, and the system as a whole remains secure.

Moreover, Solidproof will conduct a KYC scan on the Safechaintoken. This scan looks into the team and founders to ensure Safechaintoken does not run money laundering risks.

NO Registration, NO KYC

When investing with Safechaintoken, the requirements are fair to reduce entry barriers. For instance, you don’t need to register for the network’s services. Using your wallet, you can begin using the token swap services directly.

The network also does not have KYC requirements. The user’s trade from the wallet option provided.

The Team Behind Safechaintoken

The Safechaintoken is a product of a team of experts who combine their experience. This team has a collective of 10 years of expert experience and five years of blockchain experience. The Safechaintoken team of creative and dedicated people includes;

  • Fabian Wunn. CEO & Founder of the entire project
  • Dennis Renz. Head of Marketing
  • Marco Candolfo. Marketing Agent

Take part In Upcoming Presale

Safechaintoken will host a presale round to bring investors to the platform. Recently, they held a private sale round starting 13th October 2021. The details for the presale are as shown below;

After the presale, Safechaintoken will launch on Pancakeswap, and later other exchanges. Their services will start as soon as the presale ends and most likely after hitting the target hard-cap.

Final Word

This article has been reviewing the Safechaintoken hyper deflationary token and the rewarding options it brings. Among the major tools that will come with this token include staking, liquidity farming, DEX, and an NFT marketplace in the future.

On top of the applications of the token, there are policies instituted to ensure more rewarding opportunities. Burning the tokens and rewarding users with 5% tax will make the tokens hyper deflationary. Moreover, Safechaintoken will charge another 5% tax which will go to the liquidity pools.

Other aspects of the project include the audit and KYC and a team of experts who focus on developing a reliable network. Participate in their presale and be among the first investors to use the network.

The network will also be updating users through their social pages below;

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