Safechaintoken; The Pioneer Hyper Deflationary Token with Multiple Use Cases

What is Safechaintoken?

Staking and Farming DApp

Safechainswap DEX

Future NFT Marketplace

Rewarding Opportunities for Safechaintoken

  • Token burns. The first and easiest way the network will improve value and reward users is through token burns. Safechaintoken already burnt 10% of its total supply. It will be burning another 10% of the total supply in the future. Burning will ensure the tokens remain deflationary, thus adding value to users.
  • Static reflections. Every transaction has a tax of 10%. Safechaintoken will send 5% to liquidity pools and the other 5% to all token holders.
  • Weekly community giveaways. Safechain will be providing weekly giveaways to the users in the form of tokens. It sets a bounties wallet with 6250000 $STC. The network will offer giveaways in bounties, airdrops, and trade competitions.
  • The swapping options will be integrated in the fourth quarter of 2021.
  • Hyper deflationary. The token has a total supply of 250 million. Since the supply will decrease over time due to burns, the value will increase.

Audited By Solidproof

NO Registration, NO KYC

The Team Behind Safechaintoken

  • Fabian Wunn. CEO & Founder of the entire project
  • Dennis Renz. Head of Marketing
  • Marco Candolfo. Marketing Agent

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