Smart Lion Coin: A BSC-based Network that Prioritises the Needs of Its Community First

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Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was created a year ago as a launchpad platform that cultivates innovative startup projects and decentralised applications. Smart Lion Coin is the latest project to join the BSC network. Smart Lion Coin is a community-driven token that plans to become a promising and goal-achieving project to maximise its holder’s investments.

A Brief Overview of the Smart Lion Project

Smart Lion Coin is a DeFi-based project launched in October 2021 and is already gaining traction, with plans to release most of its products in different phases. Early this month,$ SLC’s team announced on Twitter that Tokpie would be the first exchange platform to list the token, with expectations of being listed on coingecko. Moreover, $SLC hit the one million dollars market cap mark by 25th October.

The Decentralised network’s team uses several social media platforms to expand its reach in the global market. It has a Telegram group that uses diverse languages to communicate with its followers, including Arabic and English. According to SLC’s CEO John Hamman (Lion King), the project is built on community involvement and moving away from social rigidity and traditional mindset.

The project’s founders believe that they can build something more substantial than a centralised team through collective decentralisation. The founders also acknowledged that a community-run token is nothing without the unity of individuals who give it purpose. Furthermore, SLC describes itself as a project that was not founded on an existing community, and the team members behind it have never worked together before. They are a new team of developers, designers, moderators, and marketers.

In addition, the founders are happy with where the Lion Army originated and the direction it is heading for a better future. SLC’s team acknowledged that the project came from nothing, meaning everyone had to bring something to the table. The success and growth of SLC are attributed to everyone, the holders and believers who come forth to join forces to aid the development of the lion army.

Smart Lion Tokenomics

Token details are as below:

Token: Smart Lion Coin (SLC)

Total Supply: 3,000,000,000,000,000

LP Holdings: 20 BNB ($11,584)

Buy on Pancakeswap Contract: 0xe6a033e3adbbc6aae211cc538b1e9e234feba04e

In order for somebody to purchase SLC tokens, the following steps are required:

If you decide to use your computer to access PancakeSwap, you can click the ‘connect’ button located in the right corner of your screen. This is the part where you connect your wallet. The majority use Metamask and Trust wallet, however PancakeSwap supports many more.

SLC has migrated to v2 on PancakeSwap thanks to UniCrypt so make sure you are using v2. Thanks to SLC’s awesome redistribution mechanic, you will have to adjust your slippage tolerance to at least 1%. Now you can adjust the slippage to 1%, and you’re almost ready to trade. You can choose which currency to buy with. If you have BNB, it’s totally fine. PancakeSwap will route the order through BNB on your behalf. For the purpose of this example, let’s assume you’re trying to buy with BNB: in the second field, you’ll have to click on ‘select a currency’. Now you paste the SMART LION COIN contract address in: 0xe6a033e3adbbc6aae211cc538b1e9e234feba04e. It may take a few seconds, but you will see the SLC token name pop up in that field. You can then select it, and everything’s almost good to go. You can also click ‘add’ to save the token in the token list, so you don’t have to paste the contract next time.

You can see the swap result in the next window. If the results are correct, you can click on the ”Confirm Swap” button to complete your transaction.

SLC Swap

SLC Swap is a trading platform made by the team behind Smart Lion Coin that allows investors to trade their valuable assets while remaining decentralised. The SLC team vows to scale SLC Swap enough to accept more digital assets as time goes by. The network’s blog features like a unique design, technical application, and familiarity with the meme-world will help SLC Swap grow.

The Smart Lion Coin Roadmap

$SLC, being a fast-growing digital asset community, is focused on bringing cryptocurrency assets closer to average investors. Its roadmap shows a five-phased launch that targets different community bases. The phases are as follows;

Phase 0: Design & creation, Website launching, Contract release, Lunch our token.

Phase 1: Marketing team initiates campaigns, First airdrop, 1000 holders, listing cg & cmc.

Phase 2: start to burn, price on trust, 5000 holders, Logo on trust. second airdrop

Phase 3: Increase market cap, Listing on exchange(hotbit,…), SLC swap.

Phase 4: SLC shop, Credit card for our shop, Establish our online market, to be continued…

For SLC, the main goal is to provide a safe place for investors to trade their valuable digital assets and remain decentralised, pledging loyalty to its holders and maintaining an optimistic angle for innovation.

Smart Lion Coin is currently trading on the Pancakeswap exchange with expectations to be listed on other platforms in its second phase. At the time of writing, $SLC has a 24hr trading volume of $2,514. Smart Lion Coin aims to build decentralised applications on the BSC network sphere for its average holders soon.

The team will launch a digital shop that users can use their credit cards to purchase assets and services in the coming months.

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