SNPad — How a New Project is Changing the TV Ad Industry with Blockchain and AI

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3 min readMay 31, 2024


The TV advertisement industry has long relied on traditional commercials, often lacking personalization and missing the mark for viewers. However, with the emergence of SNPad, a groundbreaking Web3 AI platform, this industry is set for a major transformation. SNPad’s innovative approach offers a TV app for ad display and a mobile app for profile setup and crypto wallet management, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience without interrupting TV viewing habits. With its upcoming June 4 listing on Uniswap, SNPad’s impact is poised to grow even further. Today, we explore how SNPad is revolutionizing the TV ad landscape for viewers and businesses.

What Is SNPad?

At its core, SNPad is an innovative TV application designed to change how we watch television. The main idea is to automatically replace commercial breaks with tailored ads, rewarding viewers with SNPAD tokens. This win-win solution benefits both users and advertisers. With over 1.72 billion homes with TVs worldwide, SNPad has enormous growth and user engagement potential.

Unique Selling Proposition

What sets SNPad apart from other TV platforms? Unlike traditional models, SNPad can display ads during commercial breaks on TV channels, allowing for consecutive ads that generate higher revenue. For example, if users watch 3 hours of TV daily with 30-minute intervals between ads, they could view up to 4,320 targeted ad segments per month. With an average bidding price of $0.05 per ad segment, SNPad could make over $200 per month per user. Up to 70% of this income will be used to purchase SNPad tokens to reward users, fostering a sustainable ecosystem where advertisers and users benefit.

The Team’s Vision

The team behind SNPad aims to create a fair and transparent advertising ecosystem where consumers gain value for their attention and feedback. Utilizing a decentralized CDN, SNPad promotes a fair market by ensuring equal opportunities for both large and small companies. The platform incentivizes decentralization through miner and TV rewards, valuing user feedback and preferences to create a more engaging advertising experience. Blockchain technology ensures transparency and decentralization, preventing commercial entities from controlling the platform.

Bringing AI Into the Picture

SNPad leverages AI to revolutionize marketing. Its AI-driven personalization creates tailored ads based on consumer preferences without exposing personal data, ensuring user privacy. This AI capability allows for efficient targeting, and optimizing advertising expenditure by reaching ideal customers. For example, AI can personalize ads with greetings like “Hey, [First Name], check out the new [product]!” to boost engagement. SNPad’s AI ensures privacy by handling all personalization internally.

Different Pricing Plans for Its Users

SNPad offers three pricing plans to cater to different types of users:

  1. QR Mode: Boosts engagement and tracks metrics accurately.
  2. Store Mode: Offers seamless shopping from ad to cart with a pay-only-if-user-acts feature.
  3. InfinityAds: Provides endless interactive layers and personalized storytelling options at $0.05 per interaction.

How Does the SNPad Token (SNPAD) Work?

SNPAD, an ERC-20 token, has a supply of 280,000,000 tokens and a hard cap of less than $1,737,000. Different contribution phases ensure solid liquidity for SNPAD, with funds used for platform development and providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

SNPAD is a utility token and is the sole means of publishing ads on the SNPad platform. Advertisers must use SNPAD tokens to pay for ad placements, which ensures demand for the token as the platform grows. This model not only incentivizes advertisers but also aligns with the interests of token holders, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

What Is Next for SNPad?

SNPad’s live roadmap highlights exciting developments, including:

  • Developing apps for Samsung TVs and Set-Top-Boxes
  • Forging strategic partnerships
  • Creating apps for Android TV and mobile versions
  • Developing an SNP miner for efficient transactions

Bottom Line — Rethinking TV Ads with AI and Blockchain

SNPad aims to transform TV advertising through AI and blockchain. The platform allows businesses to showcase their offerings on TV, targeting audiences based on demographics and viewing habits. With SNPT’s upcoming Uniswap listing and new features like the SNP miner, SNPad is set to enhance its capabilities further. Stay updated on SNPad’s progress by visiting their official website and joining the community on social media (X (Twitter) | Telegram).



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