SwapDEX to Introduce Direct Wallet-to-Wallet Limit Orders

SwapDEX is ready to change the DeFi game forever with their latest release. The open-source DEX (decentralized exchange) announced plans to introduce direct wallet-to-wallet limit orders. The news makes SwapDEX the first platform in the sector to accomplish this task. Investors have often requested this feature because it’s more secure and cost-efficient than their current options. Consequently, SwapDEX is now on pace to revolutionize the sector moving forward.

Users Want More Functionality

SwapDEX was built from the ground up to compete against Uniswap directly. Uniswap is currently the number one DEX and Ethereum-based Dapp in the market. The platform helps provide much-needed liquidity in the sector. However, the Uniswap trading experience leaves much to be desired. For example, Uniswap users lack access to some of the most basic trading functions, such as limit order.

Limit orders allow investors to pre-set their exact buy and sell prices. While this seems like a feature that would be found on any exchange, it’s native to the centralized exchange market. DEXs are a bit different. DEXs such as Uniswap don’t offer limit orders because of how their market aggregator engines work. Market aggregators scan other DeFi liquidity pools to find the best spot price. They are extremely popular because they ensure that users receive the optimum trading price for their digital assets.

SwapDEX Upgrades the Entire Process

SwapDEX developers listened to the community’s concerns and devised a unique protocol to bring direct wallet-to-wallet limit orders to the market. The platform will utilize a next-level dual exchange strategy. Even more impressive is that developers were able to accomplish this task while keeping the UX top notch.

Swap System Protocol

The Swap System protocol is a new type of trading tool that allows users to access an easier way to trade digital assets on the blockchain. One of the most significant benefits of this approach is the added selection traders obtain. For example, the new system allows anyone to be a maker or taker straight out of their wallet. Best of all, the system provides untethered ease of access to hundreds of markets straight out of the security of your wallet. This approach reduces the number of fees you pay when compared to earlier DEXs such as Uniswap.

Besides lower fees, various other benefits will make SwapDEX a wise decision for those seeking a more streamlined DEX experience. Specifically, SwapDEX users have free listings for new tokens, high liquidity, and a selection of new trading functionalities to expand their ROIs.

Taker or Maker

The SwapDEX ecosystem will create a truly unique and open market experience. You can choose between becoming a taker or maker whenever you trade. You can also become a liquidity provider or just swap your assets more efficiently. In this way, SwapDEX simplifies the entire DEX investment experience.

A Powerful Liquidity Provider

As part of SwapDEX’s strategy to unseat Uniswap from the top spot in the market, the platform has added a host of features that are sure to excite investors. Specifically, projects can add their token to the exchange for free. This strategy provides the market with another powerful liquidity provider to get new projects off the ground. Anyone can create a market for their token in minutes using the intuitive interface.

Keeping along these lines of market inclusivity, SwapDEX invited Dapp developers to benefit from its growing community. The network features full interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem. This commitment to interoperability means that anyone can build applications and leverage the powerful features found on SwapDEX.

No Human Error

The SwapDEX ecosystem is a collection of smart contracts. These protocols dictate all the core functionality of the platform. User’s rewards, trades, and other vital components of the network function autonomously using these protocols. In this way, SwapDEX developers eliminate any chance of human error from the equation and ensure that all participants receive their rewards promptly.

For the People

SwapDEX’s development team sought to revolutionize the sector with its next-gen functionalities. The platform champions decentralization with its governance model. Users will be able to vote on all significant network changes, upgrades, and additions. In this aspect, SwapDEX functions similarly to a DeFi platform in that users gain voting rights based on the number of governance tokens they hold.

The SDX token is the governance token for the SwapDEX network. This resilient digital asset allows users to send, receive, store, stake, and trade assets in a seamless manner. Users also receive their staking rewards in the form of SDX tokens. Notably, the SDX token is an ERC-20 compatible token that enjoys the full interoperability of the Ethereum network.

There are hundreds of thousands of ERC-20 tokens in the market today. Additionally, there is a thriving community of ERC-20 token Dapp developers. ERC-20 tokens are by far the most popular in the world. They dominate the DeFi sector, and for good reasons. The interoperability allows developers to leverage the full potential of the market by maximizes cross-network communication.

Another draw for SwapDEX is its privacy. Users can trade, store, and receive assets without the need to fill out cumbersome KYC and AML forms. Users gain more control over their assets and privacy when they stick with DEX aggregators such as SwapDEX.

SwapDEX — Additional Feature Worth Mentioning

SwapDEX has so many features to help you advance your crypto investment strategy. For example, the platform also offers P2P and In-House Loans via yield farming pools. These pools allow anyone to take the place of a bank and earn interest, lending out their digital assets directly to other users. Notably, your loan specifics are determined by the amount of equity held in the SDX token

SwapDEX- Tomorrow’s DeFi Exchange

SwapDEX is more than just a DeFi DEX. The platform introduces a new way to trade in a secure and cost-efficient manner. The developers behind this project succeeded in creating something unique and of value to all users. For these reasons, SwapDEX is sure to have a bright future.

Originally published at https://www.cryptofolds.com on December 11, 2020.




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Crypto Adventure

Crypto Adventure gives you the best of the crypto space in one place. Get constant crypto news, guides & reviews. https://cryptoadventure.org

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