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The creative minds at Aidi Finance seek to shake things up in 2022 with their unique DeFi gaming, NFT, analytics, and educational ecosystem, Aidiverse (AIDI). This all-inclusive blockchain environment will support all the latest features including NFTs (non-fungible tokens), staking, minting assets, and more. The protocol combines a custom-built network, cryptocurrency (AIDI), responsive DEX, gaming ecosystem, merchandising options, and an educational format. As such, Aidiverse continues to raise eyebrows across the market.

What Advantages Does Aidiverse Bring to the Market?

Aidiverse seeks to simplify blockchain adoptions in a variety of different ways. For one, the network introduces an easy-to-navigate interface that assists new users with taking advantage of the protocol’s features and services. Additionally, the Aidiverse community is a highly interactive group that spans the full spectrum of the crypto market from experienced developers to newbies.

Anyone can utilize the feature set provided by Aidiverse to secure returns, create new digital assets, and trade cryptos in a peer-to-peer manner. The network provides a private DeFi experience for users. There are no KYC or AML requirements to meet. You simply need to connect your wallet to gain access to the network’s services instantly.


Another major benefit Aidiverse brings to the market is its store of value characteristics. The protocol is set up to be deflationary at its core. To accomplish this task, the system automatically reserves 1% from all fees to be burnt. This strategy helps to reduce the supply and drive demand for AIDI tokens. Notably, the developers sent 50% of the total tokens to burn following the crowdsale event.

Passive Income

There are a bunch of different ways to build wealth using the Aidiverse. Users can secure passive income simply by holding the token. The system takes 1% of all transaction fees and redistributes them to AIDI, ETH, and BSC token holders. To date, the network has burnt 9 quadrillion tokens.

You can also farm your tokens to gain rewards without the need to give up ownership of your assets. Best of all, since your rewards are paid automatically in AIDI, by simply holding your tokens in your non-custodial wallet. The more you hold, the larger the reflection.

Aidiverse Features & Systems

The Aidiverse has a lot of features that make it a smart option for traders and gamers alike. For one, the network was built from the ground up to remain secure. The networks structure supports users’ privacy as well. For example, the DEX is non-custodial by design. Your digital assets remain in your wallet until the moment of trade. This approach reduces hacks since there are no large group wallets for hackers to attack. Here are some other critical components to the Aidiverse.


The AidiPLAYFi engine is what powers the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. Play-to-earn gaming is one of the most celebrated blockchain technologies to hit the market recently. It simply means that players have the ability to secure real world profits through gameplay.

The AidiPLAYFi system was designed to empower the GameFi revolution. GameFi is the merger of cryptocurrencies and gaming. To accomplish this goal, the network provides a safe and autonomous development environment that helps to streamline the creation of immersive gaming experiences. The system improves the user experience by enabling provable fair gameplay, more transparency, true ownership of digital assets, and the support of a highly responsive marketplace.


AidiCRAFT operates as the NFT creation, issuance, and marketplace protocol. Users can collect, trade, create, and issue NFTS using this system. Notably, the AIdiCRAFT NFT maker currently supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 assets. Users can create and share their NFTs with the world using this system. Interestingly, it also enables direct publishing to OpenSea which is one of the largest NFT markets in the world.

The AidiCRAFT marketplace provides users with a direct way to sell their NFTs. The platform has a LAzy Minting feature that has zero gas fees for sellers and no listing fees when using VERSE. You can offer your creations via a fixed price or auction format. Additionally, you can trade, sell, or purchase NFTs alone, or in sets. During the listing process, you can specify payment options such as VERSE, ETH, USDT, or wETH.


The AidiSwap is a high-performance DEX that makes it easy for people to trade assets. The protocol was built leveraging the UNISWAP V3 SDK. As such, it’s secure, scalable, and offers some cool features. For example, you can trade both ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens using the exchange. This strategy improves liquidity and provides users with more flexibility.


The AidiCONNECT feature is a user-friendly portfolio manager and crypto-asset tracker. The system functions as an open Software as a Service (SaaS). Users can leverage this protocol to research metrics and relevant data on digital assets such as rare NFTs and more. Interestingly, this system also simplifies DeFi investing as it provides you with DeFi ROI tracking systems.

Automated Reward Farming (ARF)

Another cool feature of the Aidiverse is its ARF systems. Farming is similar to staking in that you will provide liquidity to a network smart contract and in return, you receive rewards in the form of crypto. Farming does have some key differences versus staking. For example, there are no lockup periods or preset APYs. As such, the advantage is more freedom for users.


AIDI is the primary utility token for the network. It’s an ERC-20 and BEP-20 standard token that enjoys complete interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem. It’s used to pay fees, invest, trade, and collateralize the minting of new digital assets. There’s a total of 100 Quadrillion AIDI slated for release throughout the life of the project. Notably, 9 quadrillion were burnt directly following the crowdsale to bolster prices further.


VERSE is Aidicraft’s reward and utility token. This diverse digital asset plays multiple roles within the system. Uniquely, every VERSE transaction fee gets broken down. The protocol earmarks 3% of these funds to conduct buybacks and burns of AIDI and ETH. The tokens that are removed from the liquidity are replaced by ETH. This process drives up the value of the pool over time which improves VERSE’s value. Also, those who hold 500 VERSE tokens can opt-in to receive 4% ETH Rewards on every transaction. These rewards are paid up to 24 times a day depending on volume.

Step into The Aidiverse and Prosper

The Aidiverse concept is a great example of how far the merger of DeFi and gaming has come over the last 2 years. This network provides users with a variety of ways to earn rewards, secure a financial future, and enjoy some fun-filled gaming. For these reasons, you can expect the Aidiverse to continue to be a topic of discussion moving forward.

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