The DFI Token — A Financial Tool for the Digital Economy

The DFI token functions as an integral unit of account within the DeFi ecosystem. This next-generation utility token provides a seamless medium to conduct transactions on the DeFi blockchain. Its unique technical aspects give the DFI token some truly remarkable functionality.

The DeFiChain Foundation

DFI Token Uses

One of the primary uses of the DFI token is to pay fees within the DeFiChain ecosystem. Similar to Ethereum, developers need to put forth tokens to execute their smart contracts. This strategy eliminates spam posts and ensures that only public-worthy coding fills the blockchain.

Loan Collaterals

Staking Nodes

These tokens remain locked in your staking node until you decide to stop staking. At that point, you receive these tokens back. In this way, you can earn extra tokens and help secure the DeFi blockchain.

DeFi Custom Token (DCT)

Budget Proposal

DFI Token Distribution

Where Do I Get DeFi Tokens?

Reputable Exchanges

Stake Your DFI

DFI Utility Token — Opening the Door for the DeFi Community

In Nov 2020, DeFiChain will be launching tokenization support, its DEX and a liquidity pool. This will bring an exciting new avenue of yield farming to the crypto space. You can expect to see a lot more DeFiChain token news in the coming weeks as the platform pushes the boundaries of decentralized finance to new heights.

Originally published at on September 12, 2020.

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