The Divi Ecosystem: A decentralized financial platform

The Divi Ecosystem

The Divi Blockchain

  • Humanized protocol — The blockchain focuses on using addresses easily identifiable with humans. For instance, it uses the username, email address, and personal photo as part of the account’s details and metadata instead of a long string of text.
  • Efficiency- Duplication in the blockchain is a serious issue leading to blockchain bloat and reduced network speed. However, the Divi blockchain avoids duplication by leveraging the milestone system, where a milestone has to be hit for another event to start. This leads to a faster blockchain and faster transactions.
  • Security- The blockchain is an immutable ledger and fosters complete transparency. Immutability, consensus, and transparency help maintain a secure network for all users.
  • Interoperability- The Divi blockchain is interoperable with other applications and protocols. This interoperability will make it easy for users to connect with different platforms in the future.
  • Divi Nodes- The blockchain uses the MOCCI (masternode one-click cloud install). This allows anyone to run a masternode with zero technical knowledge. These mastenodes help in the validation and verification of transactions, thus securing the entire Divi network. Making this process easy for all is a big part of Divi’s mission.

The Divi Coin

The Divi Wallet

Staking in Divi

The Divi Lottery

Masternodes Tiers

  • Copper Tier- This option requires a minimum of 100k DIVI at a monthly hosting cost of $10. The return on investment for Copper tier users is 20.7%.
  • Silver-tier- The silver tier requires a minimum of 300,000 Divi. Its monthly hosting cost is $10, and the expected ROI is 22.6%.
  • Gold tier- The gold tier requires a minimum of 1 million DIVI, at 23.6% ROI.
  • Platinum tier- this tier requires a minimum of 3 million DIVI for $15 monthly. The estimated ROI is 24.7%.
  • Diamond tier- This is by far the highest rewarding tier in the Divi platform. A user is required to have at least 10 million DIVI.

Divi Labs


  • The creation of debit cards for users
  • IBAN accounts for all its users
  • Easy fiat wire transfers globally
  • Easy one-click crypto to fiat exchanges.

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