The Falcon Project: A Different Outlook into the Use of Blockchain Technology

The Falcon Project is a pioneering crypto project that integrates an ERC-20 token-based payment system and hybrid blockchain.

The project is considered an innovator in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector due to its ability to integrate crypto into everyday life. It offers crypto users the option to choose from 1 of 3 interchangeable and complementary products.

Falcon offers the FNT token (ERC-20) and its own private FNC coin that enables crypto users to choose between privacy and anonymous transactions or speed, convenience and storage.

FNC is the project’s native coin that offers absolute anonymity and privacy in transactions between holders. This coin is completely tied to the Falcon ecosystem and cannot be swapped or traded in crypto exchanges.

On the other hand, FNT is listed on exchanges and can be swapped with other digital assets such as bitcoin. This ERC-20 token is used for everyday transactions and guarantees simplicity, speed and convenience.

Holders of the privacy-based FNC coin can trade it for the Ethereum-based token through a 1-to-1 permanent swap form; the FNT token determines the value and liquidity of FNC. The Falcon hybrid chain was completed in Q4 of 2020, allowing users to behold the FNC in their wallet addresses.

The Falcon DEX Is Coming Soon!

The next phase on the Falcon roadmap is the acquisition of a DEX exchange with adaptation to the needs of the project. Falcon’s DEX is vital as an aggregator of the main project’s functions. It will allow users to access all the Falcon products in one place, thus enhancing the convenience and decentralization of the project.

The DEX will also have a built-in 1: 1 coin-token exchange algorithm. FNG is the governance token of the DEX, which is scheduled for launch very soon.

Earn Rewards with Falcon NFT DeFi Vouchers

In addition to FNT (ERC-20) and FNC (privacy coin), the Falcon platform adds a third chain — the NFT. This chain offers a unique reward system based on graphic ERC-1155 tokens known as Falcon vouchers that work on the proof of hold (PoH) principle.

Essentially, holders of FNT can swap their holdings for ERC-1155 tokens implemented via Enjin tech to earn lucrative rewards. To participate and get dividends, crypto enthusiasts must first deposit an FNT amount that is a multiple of 500,000, 1, 5, 10 or 50 million tokens.

They then must use the official swap form on the official Falcon website or use the official Telegram bot to exchange their FNT for a voucher of the denomination that suits their needs. Participants wishing to receive and store a voucher should use only their Enjin wallet or any other wallet that supports ERC-1155 assets.

Once this process is complete, users can expect the receipt of their voucher, which isn’t just a beautiful picture; it is a real digital certificate confirmed by FNT tokens. In other words, the voucher (ERC-1155 asset) indicates that its holder owns a specific amount of FNT tokens locked in the specified deposit address.

The FNT tokens are accrued to the ETH wallet where the voucher is deposited, allowing the owner to earn dividends of up to 40% per year just for holding. The PoH model also helps reduce market inflation.

So far, there are more than 300 BTC locked in Falcon high yield vouchers, allowing the owners to earn passive income! And this system has been working without any glitches for over a year.

Good News For STAGE Collection Cardholders!

Since it was launched on February 2, 2020, the Falcon project has implemented many unprecedented solutions for the DeFi and crypto community.

Besides the aforementioned profitable NFTs that allow users to earn dividends for hodling graphic ERC-1155 vouchers, Falcon has also introduced its own anonymous coin tokenization system.

The platform did its best to deliver the most exciting and generous airdrop in the decentralized finance space last May. The airdrop, which Uniswap has since replicated, rewarded FNT tokens to holders of the ERC-1155 STAGE cards.

This STAGE collection was initially disbursed for free to pioneering community members who helped contribute to the project’s development. Stage I holders were rewarded with 500,000 FNT valued at $3,000 today, while Stage II holders received 10 million tokens worth $60K directly to their wallets.

The completion of the historic airdrop was just the beginning of a splendid journey for STAGE cardholders. The good news for these community members is that their cards are destined to be Willy Wonka’s golden ticket; anyone in possession of these cards should consider holding them close to their chest, as the collection will come in handy soon!

The Falcon team will shortly reveal how these cards will benefit their holders, but they are currently keeping the details secret.

Falcon users wishing to get their hands on these rare ERC-1155 cards should try their luck at the Enjin marketplace, where some community members may be willing to sell their collection.

That said, there have been reports of forgeries of STAGE cards and other tokens, so buyers shouldn’t source them from any other market or platform.

More Earning Opportunities via Falcon DeFi

DeFi investors can rake in additional income with their FNT holdings by letting the tokens work and earn returns via Falcon DeFi. To earn passive income through this method, investors simply need to contribute liquidity to FNT/ETH pools and get their share of the weekly reward in FNT tokens.

Holders of the private FCN coin also can earn rewards by participating in joint Stake pools for POS mining of FNC coins. They also have the option to make their wallet support the FNC network directly from their personal computer and earn additional coins for it.


Falcon is a platform that combines the power of BTC and ETH to bring solutions to the liquidity problem facing anonymous blockchains. The project’s team has designed well-articulated features that guarantee safety, privacy and convenience for crypto and DeFi traders.

The three chains featured in the project are interchangeable via the Falcon telegram bot, allowing each user to pick the option that best suits their individual needs. FNT token offers speed and convenience; vouchers facilitate users to earn a passive income simply for hodling, while FNC is built for anonymity and privacy.




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Crypto Adventure gives you the best of the crypto space in one place. Get constant crypto news, guides & reviews.

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