The Pegasus Strategy Game: Offering Players Unique Ways to Earn Tokens

Pegasus is a medieval strategy game in which you may form a clan and fight in epic battles. It lets you partake in an adventure by engaging in massive PvP siege warfare and epic raid encounters. You may even create your ally clan and develop your stable pets and mounts to navigate the vast Pegasus world.

Notably, Pegasus was built as a private server using the NCSOFT Lineage II game, an open-source license, and blockchain integration. Meanwhile, the game will be available for Android and iOS shortly.

Pegasus has also launched its first private presale claim that will end on December 12, 2021. Certik thoroughly audits the project, and the report shows that the project has no vulnerabilities. Hence, the project can assure its investors that it is well protected from any hacking. Also, the project is yet to carry out KYC, but it is scheduled.


NFT Marketplace

Pegasus has built a sophisticated account system, allowing customers to purchase an account and begin playing immediately. The game only has 1000 accounts available for 0.243 = 150$BNB or price in PEGASUS, and the project will offer different accounts gradually.

To be fair to all users, you must have an NFT to enter any NFT game, and in the case of Pegasus, you must have an account. Each jewel armor tattoo weapon can be converted to NFT and sold on the game’s NFT marketplace.

PVP Awards

Pegasus players who become the best have designated monthly prizes for the top 1 in PVP and full 1 PK. When they leave the city, they rotate their statue to pay tribute to their victory. Within the game, there are three areas to collect three types of materials to make the token within the game; ketra jewel, varka jewel, and monastery jewel.

In these three areas, you will collect one different material. Then, you must add all the materials and go to an NPC in Giran city, where you can exchange the materials obtained to obtain the Pegasus token. You can exchange the token in-game in a straightforward transaction to execute on the BSC network.


The Pegasus Game has an oracle to govern its economy and keep it from being influenced by outside sources. The oracle is used to ensure that the game’s economy is balanced around a fixed dollar value.

The oracle provides consistent dollar value rewards for each transaction when it was made and maintains consistent mint fees for NFTs.

It implies that entrance prices and benefits may be adjusted and maintained over long periods. The intended minting costs will precisely represent the desired minting costs, allowing new players to participate even if the monetary value of $PEGASUS grows.

Metaverse and VR

The Pegasus team is still working on a medieval Metaverse, where users can use weapons in virtual reality and live a much more excellent experience within the game. It is being created for use by all users. After all, using weapons in virtual reality is their goal and objective, which they will fulfill soon.

Presale Details

The conditions for the private sale are a minimum of 0.1BNB and a maximum of 4BNB. The first claim will involve 33% of the token scheduled for the private sale. Notably, based on tokenomics, a total of 5% of the supply of tokens will be used during the private sale. The second claim will occur between December 12 and December 22, 33%. From December 22 to January 12, the last one will be 34%. It will conclude the private sale. The price of each Pegasus is set at $0.3.


A close look at tokenomics, and you will find that they are very profitable for investors and holders. 30% of the total supply of tokens is dedicated to gameplay incentives. The rest of the tokens are divided as follows:

  • Liquidity: 15%
  • Development: 20%
  • Private Presale: 5%
  • Public Presale: 20%
  • Marketing: 5%
  • Team: 5%


  • Secure: Certix has fully audited the project to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities to the code.
  • KYC: The project is currently planning to carry out KYC to ensure that its investors are assured of the legitimacy of the people behind the project.
  • NFTs: The project has integrated an NFT marketplace and since NFTs are booming, players can interact with the space.


  • Quite New: the project is yet to establish a solid user base which could take some time.
  • Still Under Development: most of the project features are yet to be developed and the game is yet to realize full competition.
  • High Competition: there are many play-to-earn games on the market and the project has to set up a good marketing strategy to ensure it stands out.

What the Project is Working On

For the activities scheduled for this year, the launch of IDO, listing on Pancakeswap, selling accounts, and partnerships are yet to happen. However, the characters for the game have already been built, and the website has been initialized. The smart contract and release of the beta game windows version have already occurred.

We will also see a listing on Hotbit or Kucoin, an Open NFT market, a release game, farming, and upgrades to the game over the first quarter of 2022. Other features include staking, mobile game, ranking tournaments, weapons exchange shop in PC, and mobile that will take place by the end of next year.

Final Thoughts

Pegasus is a medieval strategy game in which you may form a clan and fight in epic battles. The game is unique as users create their avatars with unique characteristics. It also incorporates an NFT marketplace where users can hold an NFT to play using an account. Considering the NFT market is booming, the project is off to a good start, and when fully launched, we will see its full potential.

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