Tiamonds NFT Holders are Now Eligible for 1 Million TIA Token Rewards

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3 min readMar 22, 2022

LCX, a Liechtenstein-based fintech company, has joined the tokenization trend by selling tokenized diamonds. Its latest project creates Tiamonds NFTs on Ethereum and backs them with natural gemstones at a 1:1 ratio.

Furthermore, if you buy these tokenized assets and hold them, you become eligible for 1 million TIA tokens as a reward. This could be an exciting opportunity to earn a passive income and simultaneously own diamonds, albeit in their virtual form.

So far, LCX has sold 50 Tiamond NFTs. Also, it plans to release more such tokenized assets through different drops every Tuesday.

How Tiamond NFTs Work

In the past two years, the NFT sector has surged and become a billion-dollar market. Several projects have rushed to tokenize everything from digital art to music, stocks, and real estate. Now, many companies are looking into tokenizing precious, real-world assets.

Unfortunately, very few average consumers know about this trend. The lack of information prevents many of them from accessing potentially profitable investment opportunities.

LCX is a company trading tokenized assets aiming to reach this new sector of investors. Its Tiamond NFTs project is both financially alluring and educational. For instance, the company seeks to inform people of the substantial ROI possibilities when investing in tokenized goods. In time, a new segment of well-informed and educated investors could emerge and spearhead tomorrow’s digital economy.

Tiamond NFTs are the virtual representations of real-world diamonds on the Ethereum blockchain. LCX backs every tokenized asset with a natural, certified gemstone, which it holds safely in its reserves. It’s worth noting that the company is a compliant, trusted technology service provider in Liechtenstein. Therefore, it operates legally and according to the country’s blockchain laws and regulatory framework.

When you buy a Tiamond NFT, you get 1 million TIA tokens. However, the catch is that you hold them for 1 million minutes (roughly 2 years). You can sell or trade the tokens you receive every minute on Uniswap or the LCX exchange during this period. This is an excellent way of earning a passive income through the “Own to Earn” model. Furthermore, you can have pride in owning a genuine, certified diamond.

How to Earn TIA Token Rewards

Here’s an easy way to get more TIA tokens:

  1. Buy a Tiamond NFT from the Tiamonds Marketplace.
  2. Do not sell your tokenized diamonds to receive TIA token rewards.
  3. Buy, sell, or trade your TIA tokens at the LCX Exchange or Uniswap.

The TIA token is an ERC-20 token running on Ethereum. LCX developed it as a fair launch cryptocurrency. This means that it surfaced on the blockchain without an ICO or a private sale. Furthermore, TIA is a deflationary token. The protocol will automatically burn tokens to reduce their supply while increasing their value.

Also, the protocol will automatically charge a 10% fee from every transaction and distribute it as follows:

  • 5% will go towards existing holders.
  • 2.5% will turn into LCX tokens at Uniswap.
  • Another 2.5% will burn instantly as part of the deflationary system.

LCX considers TIA a community-driven token that will incentivize people to purchase tokenized assets. Or, at least, it should work as an educational tool for those looking to learn about the opportunities of tokenization.



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