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The Metaverse represents a virtual 3D world existing inside the internet that promises to usher in a new world of entertainment and economy. The emerging space has the potential to radically alter multiple sectors by introducing virtual reality (VR) items that grant users access to an alternate virtual space connected to the real world.

Lately, excitement over the imminent meteoric rise for the Metaverse has mounted after Facebook decided to rebrand to Meta. A recent market report shared by Bloomberg estimates that the virtual world market opportunity could approach $800B by 2024.

The Metaverse looks set to emerge as the next big tech platform that is already attracting the attention of online game developers, social media giants, and other tech leaders.

One of the forward-looking projects looking to capture a slice of the multi-billion dollar market opportunity created by the emerging virtual world is Tiarameta.

Read on to learn how Tiara plans to build an NFT and metaverse marketplace that brings together traders and investors on a unique and intuitive e-commerce platform.

Tiara Offers a Full 3D Virtual Reality Experience

Tiara is the first virtual marketplace that allows users to mint, sell and leverage NFTs. The Metaverse applies the latest technology of the Binance Smart Chain to develop a fast, secure, and fluent NFT marketplace with ultra-low fees.

By combining VR and NFT technologies, the Tiara ecosystem allows users to enjoy the full metaverse experience while integrating practical use cases in the real world.

Tiara seeks to develop the virtual environment while boosting the adoption of VR technology. Moreover, the project’s immersive Metaverse with Multiplayer participation is well-positioned to foster digital transformation in the global commercial industry.

Members of Tiara “The Kingdom” experience a revolutionary NFT marketplace platform that allows them to create their own virtual gallery and retrieve/display their digital collections in a self-customized VR exhibition hall. All 3D showroom owners can invite their peers to socialize, trade, and collect NFTs in a steady and seamless environment.

Besides facilitating users to exhibit and trade their artwork, the Tiara NFT ecosystem offers unlimited applications that empower anyone to create a connection with real-life scenarios. For instance, celebs and event organizers can leverage the Tiara marketplace to sell tickets for seminars, sporting events, concerts, and other occasions.

Furthermore, world-famous performers and influencers can use the Tiara galleries to broadcast live-streams in 3D rooms they own/rent and grow their audience in a purpose-built virtual environment.

What’s more, members of the ecosystem can leverage Tiara tech to replicate many more real-life scenarios. For instance, they can purchase pieces of virtual land, rent, cultivate, and farm on it. They can also promote their businesses in the virtual slots they own on the Metaverse.

An NFT and Gamfi Super-platform Powered By AI

NFT marketplace Tiara introduces a 3D virtual environment that allows crypto and Gamefi enthusiasts to connect in real-time and form a vibrant economy.

One of the standout features of the Metaverse is its detailed AI application that delivers the most authentic experience for users. The platform creates the perfect trading platform on which an AI-NFT robot guide interacts with users. The AI robot provides customers with quality service that covers 80% of their communication and info needs, allowing them to enjoy an unrivaled virtual experience.

When it comes to the Gamefi field, Tiara creates a separate catalog that allows players to own avatars and in-game products. Blockchain gaming fans can easily trade these rare and original NFTs on the marketplace using the native TTI tokens.

Game developers can display the NFT characters and items representing the game at the Tiara VR gallery to build hype around their game. This functionality enables dev teams to promote their avatars and attract many gamers from the Tiara marketplace to join and play their games.

The AI Robot guide installed in the VR exhibition hall Tiara introduces the game and characters to players, helping them quickly grasp the gameplay mechanics.

Why the Super Metaverse Marketplace Stands Out

Tiara is evolving a unique mechanism that allows anyone to create and invite others to view and trade original NFT works at an immersive virtual reality gallery. To guarantee the authenticity of all digital pieces featured on its 3D galleries, the project developers will work tirelessly to certify the collections on display.

Tiarameta has the edge over other NFT websites due to its commitment to deliver a wide range of applications in its super virtual world and marketplace. The platform combines unparalleled NFT and VR tech, making it possible for crypto proponents and blockchain gamers to access parcels of virtual land, luxury goods, utility tokens, and more.

Another feature that makes Tiarameta stand out is the royalty system that enables NFT creators to set a certain percentage as payment for subsequent sales. This model attracts some of the best creators and artists seeking a reliable and decentralized marketplace where they can earn immediate royalties on their digital creations.

The Tiara IDO Launch is Coming Soon!

Tiarameta delivers unrivaled quality and exclusive experiences which users can relish on multiple platforms, with or without a VR headset. The project recently revealed its plans to hold an IDO on Pinksale.Finance and Unicrypt.network starting from January 12, 2022.

The announcement represents a landmark step in the development of the Metaverse, as it will help raise capital needed to build the NFT marketplace.

Investor funds from the seed rounds will also enable the Tiara backers to actualize some of the vital plans on the project Roadmap. These include launching the Play-to-Earn NFT game, and marketing toward influencers and social media promotions.

In preparation for the IDO, the Tiara founders have decided to upgrade TTI, the native governance token of the Tiara NFT marketplace, to version 2.0.

TTI 2.0 is scheduled to launch soon with outstanding features that serve the IDO and the community, including token burning, anti-discharge, anti-bot on price making. More importantly, TTI 2.0 holders will receive daily airdrops that fill their bags with a BSC gem with tremendous moonshot potential.

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