Top Features of Coinxpad: The Upcoming Cex and Dex Launchpad

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4 min readSep 21, 2021

Are you a crypto investor looking to invest in upcoming crypto assets? Well, a crypto launchpad is what you need. When a crypto project is launching, it often needs community support to succeed. Launchpads provide developers with a center to sell tokens(presale launchpad) and get community backing.

A launchpad is also created to provide investors with coins before exchange listings. Presale investors get coins at values lower than exchange listing values. One example of a crypto launchpad platform is Coinxpad.

Coinxpad is a CEX and DEX multichain launchpad introduced in 2021. Generally, the primary focus is helping developers gain community and investors access crypto coins early.

In its launch, Coinxpad will introduce a token $CXPAD. The BSC-based BEP-20 token helps run the Coinxpad activities. Aside from the token, Coinxpad has features that will help provide launchpad services. Here are it’s top features;

  1. CoinxPad’s Multichain CEX and DEX Launchpad

Coinxpad launchpad provides services for both CEX(ICO) and DEX(IDO) launches. Although several projects have launchpads, most offer one service, i.e., either IDO or ICO. ICO(IEO) is where the coin launches via centralized exchanges. Contrarily, IDO focuses on listing the tokens to decentralized exchanges.

Coinxpad combines both services in one network, a CEX (ICO/IEO) and DEX(IDO) launchpad. Apart from providing CEX and DEX launchpads, Coinxpad is available for many chains. Coinxpad’s primary hub in the Binance smart chain. Yet, it serves other chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, HECO, and Solana.

  1. Smart Investing

Presale in its nature is a smart system of investment. Investors buy assets at prices a little lower than the exchange listing prices. Coinxpad offers a similar service. Generally, it will be a smart investment for users to buy the tokens in the presale.

Furthermore, Coinxpad offers two presale rounds to provide a broader opportunity for everyone. Every project launching Coinxpad must provide two presale rounds. The first round involves a small select group of people (whitelisted investors).

After round 1, projects must host round 2 presales. This second round involves inviting the non-whitelisted investors to the sale. The whole smart investing idea provides opportunities to many more investors.

  1. Safer Investing

Coinxpad will be fostering safer investing for the presale participants. Recently, there has been growth in the number of scam projects in the crypto world. Since crypto’s launch, investors have lost billions to scam projects like one coin.

Coinxpad aims to ensure no scams launch via its launchpad. Thus, it will be vetting every project before listing them for presale. The vetting process is quite deep to drop any scams. It entails a 3-step procedure(acronym EDM). Here is the vetting process;

  • Step one (E) involves the examination of the new projects team, expert review. The experts behind the project are the team and the founder of the project. Understanding a project’s team is crucial to know if the project is viable. If a project has a fraudulent team member, this is a risky project.
  • Step 2, termed Development(D), looks into the growth plans the upcoming project has. Generally, the development goals are the platform’s roadmap. If the project has a clear road map and follows it, then the project is good.
  • Finally, the Coinxpad team looked into the marketing plan of the upcoming project. A project with a good marketing team and plan is a good project; vice versa is also true.

As the project’s vetting continues, this project must also provide audit reports. Thus, the project should be audited to ensure it reduces the chances of technical issues arising.

  1. Locking Liquidity

Liquidity locking is holding some amount of crypto tokens in a pool for some time. Launchpads provide this tool to ensure that the new project does not defraud users. Some projects often launch and don’t hit their required soft cap. In such a case, some projects could defraud the investors, closing the project without refunding investors.

On launch, Coinxpad will lock funds on Unicrypt. It plans to launch its locker in 2022. Thus, all projects will lock the funds for the security of investors.

Other Features

Coinxpad has other features to ensure that users will remain rewarded. The rewarding Dapp apportions some transaction amount to reward the token’s holders.

Generally, there is a 5% redistribution plan for all transactions using $CXPAD. Investors will receive rewards only if they hold over 20k tokens. Coinxpad’s liquidity pools will also receive 3% of the transactions to bolster liquidity.

Furthermore, 2% of each transaction will help in the marketing of Coinxpad. Generally, the mission is to reach as many networks and projects as possible. As the project markets and grows, the investors will also benefit.

Finally, when rewarding the users, Coinxpad will be using USDT. The reward will be occurring every hour.

Presale Incoming

Coinxpad will host its presale on the 25th of September to sell some of the CXPAD coins. Unicrypt will be the host of the presale session. Coinxpad will add other presale details on Twitter, Telegram, and the webpage.

After the presale, Coinxpad will list the token on exchanges, starting with Pancakeswap. The exchange listing price will be 25% higher than the presale price. Also, Coinxpad plans an Airdrop soon to benefit its investors.

Final Word

This guide has been looking into the top features of the soon-to-launch DEX and CEX launchpad. The BSC-based project provides services in all blockchains and both IDOs and ICOs. Coinxpad adopts the smart investing system, where the projects launch two presale rounds.

There is a safe investing tool where all projects will undergo a vetting process and auditing. The liquidity locker tool will also increase investor security. This platform also has a roadmap planning to introduce more features in the future including an NFT launchpad.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site.



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