Top Features of Coinxpad: The Upcoming Cex and Dex Launchpad

  1. CoinxPad’s Multichain CEX and DEX Launchpad
  1. Smart Investing
  1. Safer Investing
  • Step one (E) involves the examination of the new projects team, expert review. The experts behind the project are the team and the founder of the project. Understanding a project’s team is crucial to know if the project is viable. If a project has a fraudulent team member, this is a risky project.
  • Step 2, termed Development(D), looks into the growth plans the upcoming project has. Generally, the development goals are the platform’s roadmap. If the project has a clear road map and follows it, then the project is good.
  • Finally, the Coinxpad team looked into the marketing plan of the upcoming project. A project with a good marketing team and plan is a good project; vice versa is also true.
  1. Locking Liquidity

Other Features

Presale Incoming

Final Word



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