Tsar Network Review — Features, Tokenomics, and Roadmap

Tsar Network is a blockchain-based platform seeking to provide easily approachable services for developers and common users alike.

Blockchain technology owes its current progress to a decade’s worth of hard work from developers worldwide. In this regard, it’s not surprising that most blockchain features and services appeal to tech-savvy users. Meanwhile, people with less knowledge of this technology miss out on potentially profitable opportunities.

Tsar Network aims to change all that by offering easy access to the blockchain for everyone. The project proposes a drag-and-drop contract builder, a deflationary token, and a future proprietary blockchain, the TsarChain. This way, even non-technical users can build blockchain-based businesses with zero-code knowledge.

In this short Tsar Network review, we look closer at one of the latest innovations in the market. Read on to discover more about its features, tokenomics, and roadmap!

What Is Tsar?

Tsar Network is an extensive, all-inclusive ecosystem aiming to provide blockchain-based financial applications. So far, this is the definition of most crypto projects surfacing in the market nowadays. However, Tsar wants to take this goal further by making all its services easy to grasp for everyone.

According to the Tsar Network whitepaper, only 1% of the world’s population uses blockchain technology. That means that less than 70 million people can reap its benefits. Also, this short reach prevents the blockchain from reaching mainstream adoption.

To solve these issues, Tsar comes with a frontend platform for end-users. This feature provides a convenient initiation to the underlying blockchain, even for the least technical users. Additionally, it is practical, affordable, and secure. So, everyone can use it regularly without having to navigate the nitty-gritty aspects of public ledger technology.

A blockchain-based ecosystem would not be complete without a utility token. That’s why Tsar Network provides the Tsar Token (TSAR), a deflationary token that supports its powerful economic model. Furthermore, it enables users to engage in the standard financial application quickly and safely.

TSAR is a BEP-20 token available for trade and paying for services during the platform’s early days. It has a maximum supply of 10 billion units, and it will undergo constant burning. This way, it should increase in price as its circulating supply drops. Later on, users will be able to swap it 1:1 with the native tokens of the upcoming TsarChain ledger.

Tsar Network Features

Work on the Tsar Network started in 2020. Since then, the developers have built the platform, which should launch its beta version in 2022 Q2. Initially, its services will be available only to a select number of ICO participants. This way, the team should identify usability friction, bugs, and performance issues before releasing them publicly.

Some of Tsar Network’s standout features include:

  • Integrated environment
  • Drag-n-drop contract builder
  • Low fees
  • Instant transactions
  • Easy fiat on and off-ramps
  • Lucrative rewards
  • Real customer service

With these benefits, Tsar Network aims to service several sectors, including corporate, healthcare, legal, and non-profit institutions. Also, it should interact with developers, node operators, artists, gamers, and merchants. Lastly, both tech-savvy and neophyte users should find its many blockchain-based features helpful.

Tsar Network Services

The Tsar Network enters a highly competitive market. In this regard, it aims to provide services in more than just one sector. For instance, its ecosystem should support several applications, such as:

  • Assets Digitization
  • Investments and Saving
  • Exchange and Trading
  • Borrowing and Lending
  • Crowdsourcing and Fundraising
  • Charities and Donation
  • Custom Smart Contracts
  • Passive Income

Additionally, Tsar’s most promising services include:


Tsar aims to provide a fully decentralized and anonymous marketplace. Here, users will be able to buy, sell, and auction almost anything. Also, they will freely engage with other Tsar users worldwide. Lastly, the network will attract them with promotions, discounts, rewards, and more.


This service should provide users with safe transactions when operating blockchain-based businesses. This way, they will engage in financial operations without the risk of scams or chargebacks. The platform will hold the assets on the user’s behalf until the transaction completes. Above all, the crypto’s value will not suffer from market volatility while under escrow.


Tsar Network also aims to enter the Distributed Digital Rights Management (DDRM) market. To this end, it will enable users to tokenize their creations and certify original works as NFTs. Furthermore, they will be able to increase their income through smart sales.


This feature is Tsar’s secure wallet. Users will be able to buy, sell, swap, hold crypto or convert from/to fiat safely. Also, they will be able to run dApps and explore other transactions on any blockchain.

Code Library

Contrary to other blockchain-based platforms, Tsar plans to offer an entirely user-friendly experience. For instance, it provides a 100% code-free approach. So, beginner developers can use its drag-n-drop builder to enable them to quickly publish templates. Lastly, the platform will instantly replicate them into real contracts and launch them on the chain.

Future TsarChain

For now, Tsar Network will operate on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). However, in the future, the team will develop their blockchain, the TsarChain.

With a green, eco-friendly approach, TsarChain should operate with a minimal carbon footprint. Also, it should provide lightning speed, low transaction fees, and optimal security. This way, it should become the go-to blockchain deployment service for developers and non-technical users alike.

TsarChain’s testnet should come out in 2023 Q3. From then on, it should provide several services and features, such as:

Digital IDs

Users will be able to bind their real-world identities with on-chain, ISO-compliant IDs. The Tsar ecosystem will make this possible through authentication, authorization, and non-repudiation.

Smart Contracts

Users will create and execute immutable, transparent, cost-effective, and self-executing smart contracts on the TsarChain. This way, they won’t need the approval of a third-party or intermediary when agreeing on a transaction.

Decentralized Storage

TsarChain aims to elude the Single Point of Failure (SPOF) issue with geographically dispersed decentralized data architecture. This way, it should prevent malicious entities from influencing availability. Also, it should reduce latency through parallel read/writes.

Hybrid Consensus

The Tsar Network will build a multi-chain structure with modified versions of consensus mechanisms. Among them will be the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) and Proof-of-Stake (POS), which will run simultaneously at different hierarchies.

Local and Global Scopes

This feature will work hand-in-hand with Digital IDs to bind transactions with demographic regions. Next, a scope observer will verify the transactions and add them to the central chain. Above all, this will be possible without the need for any network-wide computation.


TsarChain aims to ensure scalability through on-chain sharding and off-chain mechanisms. The latter will include isolated scopes and delayed transactions. Also, it will post address throughput limitations and eliminate bottlenecks to improve network speed.

Translation Engine

This feature will provide a reference framework that will support interaction between contracts in different languages.

Tsar Token Tokenomics

The Tsar Token has a capped maximum supply of 10 billion units. It will serve several services and applications on the platform. And, its distribution includes:

  • 10.00% — Seed Round
  • 15.00% — Presale
  • 20.00% — Main Sale
  • 03.38% — ICO Ambassador Rewards
  • 02.00% — Community Rewards
  • 03.80% — ICO Investors Bonus
  • 15.00% — Development
  • 07.82% — Marketing
  • 05.00% — Governance
  • 03.00% — Team
  • 10.00% — Liquidity
  • 05.00% — Reserve

Tsar is also conducting an ICO open for everyone. At the time of writing, the ICO was underway with several features aiming to deter artificial price manipulation. Also, the early birds have better pricing slabs available. The ICO’s distribution includes:

  • Liquidity — 60% of Pre-sale
  • Development — 25%
  • Marketing — 10%
  • Legal and Compliance — 5%

The Tsar developers urge users to hold onto their tokens for as long as possible. If they do so, they should benefit from:

  • 04% of all buy transactions as dividends yearly in BNB
  • 08% of all sell transactions as dividends yearly in BNB
  • 50% of all platform revenue as dividends in TSAR for life
  • Dynamic rewards for developers
  • Flexible rewards for master node operators
  • Dynamic rewards for witness node operators
  • Flexible rewards for scope observers
  • Dynamic rewards for governors

Lastly, the TSAR token has successfully passed the BscScan here.


Since its inception in 2020, Tsar Network has ticked all the checkboxes in its extensive roadmap. Also, the project has obtained a successful audit report for its contract from InterFi. Furthermore, its members have passed KYC verificationfrom the same auditor.

One of the next steps in its development is the launch of PancakeSwap on December 15, 2021. This event should follow a flash and a presale to see the distribution of 50% of all TSAR tokens.

For 2022, Tsar aims to obtain a CEX listing and sign new PR partnerships. Also, next year, we should see the beta versions for its Wowser, Escrow, and NFT Platform services. Lastly, 2023 should bring the reveal of the TsarChain testnet.

Final Thoughts

Tsar is a platform that seeks to provide quick and easy access to blockchain-based applications for everyone. Also, its rapidly growing ecosystem offers numerous financial applications and development services. Above all, both expert and entry-level developers can use them to reap the many benefits this technology has to offer.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site.



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