Introducing Tuxi, The First and Official Feline Charity Token

TUXI is a charity-based token that majorly focuses on charity projects connected to kittens. According to their website, the network partners with different parties to steer this project to success.

As the idea of Defi charities continues to gain momentum, the TUXI network launches with feline options. TUXI intends to help protect kitties globally. They use the TUXI token to fund veterinarian education and charities connected to kitties.

Features of TUXI Ecosystem

The TUXI Charity Focused Token

At the core of the network is a token called TUXI, which mainly helps in charity tasks. This community-driven token aids in feline charities, especially protecting and sheltering kittens. It helps in covering veterinary expenses for the kittens.

Kitten lovers globally can adopt their favorite animals, and the TUXI token helps holders get such opportunities.

Burning Tokens Weekly

One of the ways the TUXI network ensures the long-term sustainability of their token is through weekly token burns. The network sets a finite total number of tokens.

On top of having a maximum token supply, TUXI improves long-term sustainability through burning. Token burning will help ensure there is scarcity in the number of tokens. Token scarcity will help bolster the demand and token value while helping have a long-term community.

The Developers Team

The TUXI network has a team of experts in different services who help develop this project. According to their web page, their team consists of developers, gamers, graphic designers, and artists.

The team members come from different places across the globe. By using proper diversity and dedication, the network will be in a good position to grow.

Secure Contract

The contract development team assures investors of top security. They build the contract on Unicrypt using the token factory(ENMT). Unicripts instills requirements like auditing, KYC, and liquidity locking to protect investors’ funds.

Therefore, The TUXI network will be providing links for their KYC and audit reports for investors. Reading KYC and audit reports will help guarantee investors top security. Also, they will provide updates on their liquidity locking for investors.

High-Value Advertising and Tracking

The TUXI network uses high-value advertising to ensure they reach a wide market. Foremost, they use the Dextools network, a platform designed to help in the growth of Defi.

Additionally, the network uses billboards to help in advertising. They set up billboards in New York, Los Angeles, and many other cities.

Moreover, the network plans to list top tracking platforms like Coinghecko and Coinmarketcap. The two will help track the performance of these tokens and aid investors.

The Four Main Components of TUXI Ecosystem

The Marketplace

One of the main tools coming with the TUXI ecosystem is a marketplace. The marketplace is where people can purchase different merchandise and NFTs. It allows persons with the Metamask wallet to buy various classes of assets globally. This marketplace is one of the main tools defining the entire TUXI ecosystem.

The University

TUXI introduces the University solution to help improve veterinarian education. The TUXI university helps in educational funding for upcoming veterinarians. Vet education comes with one of the highest cost to income ratios globally. However, the Tuxi university funding helps make things easier for vet students.

The Kennel

The TUXI network introduces a center to take care of Kittens. It’s a place, a digital adoption center created to provide homes for kittens. The base of the TUXI network is in the US; hence, the Kennel will mainly focus on giving homes for US-based kittens. Persons intending to adopt animals can do so either physically or digitally.

The Hat Draw

Another feature of the TUXI ecosystem is the Hat Draw. The Hat Draw is a Dapp for raffles. It offers opportunities to win massive block-based rewards. According to the network, the raffles are VRF implemented. Anyone can use their mobile or desktop device to work with this Raffle Dapp.

Benefits Associated with TUXI

As a new platform, TUXI brings in benefits for the average investor. Each of these benefits is tied to the features and tools offered within the network. Among the well-known benefits include;

  • Security strengthened through auditing and KYC scanning
  • A type of deflationary token using burning mechanisms
  • Ability to contribute to a kitten related charity
  • The focus of helping homeless and uncared for kittens

The project does not list the names of its team members on its web page. However, since they are KYCed, investors should feel secure.

Final Word

TUXI introduces various features like the kennel, university, and marketplace to help enhance its kitty protection agenda. It intends to be the biggest feline token in the crypto ecosystem. Visit Tuxi’s Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, and Medium social media pages to learn more about the charity features of the Tuxi network.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site. Trading cryptocurrencies is a highly risky activity that can lead to major losses. You should consult your financial advisor before making any decision.




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Crypto Adventure gives you the best of the crypto space in one place. Get constant crypto news, guides & reviews.

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