Understanding the TIPro Project: GTUITY Inc.’s Potential Key to Improving` DeFi

The founders of GTUITY INC and its products believe that mass adoption of cryptocurrency is inevitable. Therefore, they developed the TIPro platform with determination and drove to create a revolutionary product that will present the service industry with the path to mass adoption of crypto.

According to GTUITY, TIPro has the potential to positively disrupt ways through which service industry workers bag tips and compensation. For the great job that service workers do, the technology aims to compensate them by promoting mass adoption. Creators and owners will launch the TIPro token before the release of the innovative mobile decentralized applications.

The system and application will apply on a subscription basis in marketing, whereby participating businesses will have to pay a subscription fee and an initial cost for ABM services. The fee will depend on establishment size, training needs as well as infrastructure. Service industry workers will retain all the tips they receive through this technology as they deserve it.

Core Values of the TIPro Project


The GTUITY team will instil trust and confidence in investors by having daily and weekly live sessions on their platforms on social media. When investing in a cryptocurrency project, trust is most important. Therefore GTUITY.INC and its products hope to promote trust in the finance smart chains.


GTUITY.INC team will be very transparent with the general public. Before launching the technology, the team will undergo doxing as part of a strategy to avoid nefarious activity. Weekly statements of transactions will be documented and released every Friday, a follow-up on what is being paid for and when.


GTUITY.INC is an equal opportunities employer type of company. Therefore, bringing in of management and employees is carried out solely based on the qualifications and capabilities of the individuals. There will not be discrimination of any kind based on race, gender, colour, national origin, religion, disability, age, and any other protected characteristics as established by law. The team believes that its strength lies in teamwork with its outstanding people.

The Problem and Product

People who rely on tips for income in the service industry understand the dread and defeat of these tips. Bagging less than they expect from the establishment they are working with is discouraging. Hence, GTUITY.INC believes that people who live off tips deserve to get every piece of the gratitude that people give them.

There will be a subscription fee for whichever establishment decides to implement TIPro’s technology into its business. The subscription fee is not constant and will change depending on the establishment size, required training, and infrastructure. Customers of this application will tip the worker that provides a service through a mobile application.

It is beneficial for the workers as they will attain 100% of their gratuity, hence being entirely in control of their finances. The TIPro token, used within the decentralized application, is the secondary product for wearable technology.

The Future Product

The company’s future product is the advancement of the decentralized application and its use case. The long-term development of this company is the implementation of a table system that will allow smooth and more straightforward operations in the establishment’s business. Another aspect of decentralized applications is to promote mass adoption of the cryptocurrency in the service industry, allowing their customers to make payments in crypto and fiat currency of their choice.

The number one option will be the TIPro token because it will be promotional compared to other currencies. Future development of this product will enable trust gain in the service industry as one item to be used initially. Further development into the establishment will aim at furthering the goal of mass adoption by integrating day to day operations through a decentralized application.

The Market

So far, no applications or cryptos are dedicated to ensuring workers retain profits for a job well done, leaving TIPro with an opportunity to create a path with alternative solutions to debit and cash tipping. VISA and crypto.com have implemented a credit card that allows crypto payments which is a competition to this project or a partnership opportunity the circumstances.

Tokenomics And Presale

A custom-tailored TIPro will be used within the dAPP. The creation of the TIPro token will encourage broader adoption in the service industry.


The token TIPro will have basic tokenomics, which will consist of two vested developer wallets and a marketing wallet. The marketing wallet remains open to allow for payments made by the team for listed items in the marketing campaign. A 3% fee will be used to supplement the outside investment already in the project.


DXSale will lock 70% of funds for a decade and send them to the liquidity pool. The developers will retain 30% of funds to fund the initial phase of the project and any additional cost incurred by the project. It is important to note that DXSale allows for 51% of funds to be locked in liquidity.

Final Verdict

Although this article reviews a technology in its launching phase, it should not be taken as a form of financial or investment advice. Investments are a general risk, but it is pretty clear that this technology aims for the greater good of employees in service industries while creating favourable strategies for them. With this kind of technology in businesses payment of service, workers will undergo a revolutionary process according to the ‘as is’ basis provided on the company’s white paper.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site.



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