Unpacking DEXTools: The Trading Assistant Essential To DeFi Projects

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4 min readDec 22, 2020

The crypto sphere is teaming with market analysis tools. Not even one tool can claim to be perfect. However, some show higher levels of utility compared to their competition. DEXTools is one those platforms. It is a trading assistant positioning itself as the industrial standard and central hub for DeFi trading. In this article, we take a look at its functions showing why it is the must-have tool for any serious investor.

Which Features Define DEXTools?

DEXTools provides investors with tools, functions, and analysis that ease their navigation around the DeFi space. Its integration of Uniswap enables users to tap into these platforms’ rich resources. The following is a summary of its offering:

Uniswap Integration

Uniswap is a decentralized crypto exchange protocol facilitating P2P transactions of ERC-20 tokens. It’s a significant player in the DeFi sector. As such, DEXTools users stand to benefit immensely from its integration. Here’s how:

Uniswap Pool Explorer

Through this feature, one gets to search Uniswap’s liquidity pool for new offerings. Also, it helps them identify the most lucrative ventures to invest. Besides, they may choose whether or not to increase or decrease liquidity in a given pair. Further, the tool helps to flag scam projects, thus protecting investor funds.

Uniswap Pair Explorer

Identifying the right token pair to trade in makes all the difference in how profitable a venture is. The Uniswap pair explorer makes it easy to identify the hot pairs. It uses real-time graphics and transaction data to compare any pair to another. This way, investors can place their favorite ones and make informed investments.

BigSwap Explorer

The BigSwap function provides investors with up to date information on the big swaps occurring on Uniswap. Thus they have full knowledge before investing.

MultiSwap Explorer

Using this feature, the investor can trade in multiple pairs concurrently.

What Membership Plans Does DEXTools Offer?

DEXTools users have access to three types of membership plans which include;

  • Free version
  • The standard version
  • Premium membership version

Free Version

The free version offers the most basic functions. Members enjoy Uniswap tools, including:

  • Pool Explorer
  • Pair Explorer
  • BigSwap Explorer
  • Multiswap

Standard Version

The standard version provides the platform’s standard features. Enjoyment of this level’s benefits attracts a charge of 0.3 ETH in DEX T / Subscription or 20,000 DEXT / Hold. A hold is the ERC-20 tokens one needs to have in their wallets on sign up and log in. In addition to the basic features, subscribers have access to:
More Transaction Info

  • Wallet Info
  • Price Alerts
  • Hot Pairs Real-Time
  • Multiple DEX platform compatibility (soon)
  • Limit orders (soon)
  • Trading bots (soon)
  • 50% discount to holders with 5000 or more DEXT

Premium Membership

It offers the highest tier of membership. It will set you back 100,000 DEXT / hold to access its features. In addition to the standard features, subscribers can look forward to:

  • DEXTShare (from DEXT Subscriptions)
  • Access to DextForce Telegram Premium Group
  • More Exclusive Upcoming Features

Burning The Subscription Fees

Upon V1.0’s release, the team will burn 20 Million of the fees collected in the first subscriptions (50% of the first 40 Million collected fees) monthly. After that, it will continue a lifetime burning 10% of all fees received from subscriptions.

What is the Timeframe for DEXTools’ Full Implementation?

The following timelines govern the full implementation of DEXTools:

  • Website Launch Q2 2020-The team will develop the website, the app’s beta version and roll out the test phase
  • Free Beta Launch Q2 2020 — the team will test the beta version, analyze feedback from testers and conduct minor upgrades
  • V1.0 Release Q3 2020 — Launching of a fully functional V1.0 app, roll out of basic and premium services, the addition of new features
  • Bots and new trading tools Q1 2020- Addition of new features, integration of trading bots, MultiDex app development, more DEX integrations

How will DEXTools Distribute its DEXT Token?

DEXT is DEXTools’ utility token. Subscribers will need it to unlock the platform’s benefits. The team will distribute it as follows

  • 0x26ce25148832c04f3d7f26f32478a9fe55197166
  • Total Supply: 170.000.000 DEXT
  • Circulating Supply: 100.000.000 DEXT
  • It will liberate 52.6%
  • 21.1% of the token is for burning
  • The Team will take 10.5%
  • Team Marketing will consume 5.3%
  • Team Development 10.5%

Final Thoughts

The DeFi sector continues to grow in exponential ways. While this is a positive development, it could pose challenges to investors. Their flooding the market makes it difficult to determine the genuine projects to invest in. At this stage, every new investor needs assistance. Luckily, there are trading assistants that they can turn to for direction. DEXtools is one such tool making a name for itself for offering cutting edge investment functions and insights. Its integration with Uniswap unlocks unique features that give the users an edge in investments. Its next to none offering makes it the go-to tool for market analysis within the DeFi sector.

Originally published at https://www.cryptofolds.com on December 22, 2020.



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