vEmpire DDAO: The Fight for Decentralization Begins as Its NFT and Token Launch Looms

Everyone Seems Fine; Why Fight for Decentralization Now?

vEmpire: Amplifying the Voices of the Unheard

The VEMP Token: Fueling the Conquest of Decentraland

Token Presale and Tokenomics

  • After one to three years,VEMP will be minted at 20 per block
  • In the next four to twelve years, the number comes down to 15 per block
  • After that, in thirteen to nineteen years, it comes to 10 per block
  • In 20 to 21 years, the minting will stand at 5 per block

xVEMP: Governance to the DDAO

vEmpire NFTs Presale

Why You Should Join the vEmpire NFT Craze




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