vEMPIRE NFT Treasure Hunt is Now Live

The creative minds behind the decentralization platform vEMPIRE have recently unveiled their NFT treasure hunt. Unlike other NFT collectible games, this adventure encompasses more than just collecting digital assets. Users must use their wit and their cunning to unravel a series of clues that lead to massive treasures. Here’s what you need to know.

Emperors Parchments

The Emperor’s Parchment game shares some similarities with other NFT games in that there are a limited number of these digital assets to collect. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are different from traditional cryptocurrencies in that they can represent a single asset. As such, they are valued in a different way.

For example, traditional cryptocurrencies increase in value as their market cap rises. This occurs due to simple rules of economics. The more demand, the higher the value. NFTs build on this concept. However, they don’t derive value based on their market cap. Instead, NFTs gain value due to their scarcity, their usefulness in a particular game, or their personal connection to the collector.

NFT Values are on the Rise

This value distinction is what has helped NFTs become so popular in the market. Their growth has seen some in-game NFTs sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even more impressive is the fact that there have been art NFTs sold for over $60 million. No one can argue the NFT market is hot right now.

A New Type of NFT Adventure

vEMPIRE takes the traditional NFT gaming experience and adds many levels to it. For one, the collectibles in the game all hold clues to other prizes. Specifically, each NFT contains clues in the form of numbers and letters. These scrambled messages must be collected and deciphered to lead you to the next step of the adventure.

From there, users must piece together the clues which lead to certain influencers online. If you think you have the clues figured out, you can Tweet out the influencer and if you are correct, the influencer will potentially reveal another clue to help you on your hunt. If the treasure hunt seems like it could be a major adventure, it’s because it’s designed to last for years.

Big Prizes

Of course, there is no reason to set out on a treasure hunt if the booty isn’t epic. The Emperor’s Parchments prizes are designed to set records. The CEO of the firm has stated that 1% of the total amount of VEMP, the platform’s native utility token, will go towards prizes. He has been quoted predicting the main prizes to be somewhere above $5 million in VEMP depending on vEmpire’s market cap.

More than Just Games

The vEMPIRE project is designed to restore decentralization to metaverses. A metaverse is a digital world. The term was first coined by a writer named Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel, Snow Crash. The term then reappeared in the Oasis in the Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One. Today, there are all types of metaverses in operation.

These massive gaming communities have expanded considerably over the last year due to many reasons. For one, the COVID-19 pandemic has bolstered the gaming market considerably. People have had more time to invest in these massive gaming platforms. Additionally, there have been more reasons to escape the confines of regular life as millions have been quarantined to their homes for months.

Centralization Plagues these Universes

Similar to the current state of the real world, an exclusive class of gamers is now running these virtual worlds with impunity. This upper echelon of gamers is composed of investors, developers, and others who have banded together to retain control over their digital worlds. Sadly, the normal gamer is now just a pawn in these metaverses with little hope for meaningful advancement — until now.

vEMPIRE Strikes Back

vEMPIRE seeks to disrupt these controlling forces in a unique way, through the power of community organization. The vEMPIRE strategy is to bring together the rest of these gaming communities and unite their efforts under a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). DAOs are decentralized management systems that take all of the core processes of a company or group and tokenize them into smart contracts.

This strategy enables DAOs to provide decentralized management. In most DAOs, the community gets a vote on future upgrades. They can also put forth their own proposals and concepts to better the community. If these proposals are approved via a vote, they go into effect. However, the original DAO concept is flawed for gaming environments because it bases the weight of your vote on how many tokens you hold.

The vEmpire DDAO

The vEMPIRE DDAO provides a more democratic solution to these metaverses. Instead of your vote being based on how many tokens you hold, everyone gets a single vote. For large gaming communities, this provides a more balanced and fair way to manage these networks. It ensures that every player gets their voice heard and it reduces the chances of a select few token holders hijacking the platform.

vEMPIRE Has Already Gained Notoriety

The vEMPIRE concept has already begun to spark the interest of investors and major crypto platforms. For example, the network was recently among the first chosen to participate in Unicrypt’s Incubated ILO Launchpad. This honor was multiplied by the fact that it was the fourth platform selected out of 450 participants.

DeFi Support

Another key feature vEMPIRE brings to the table is DeFi staking. Staking enables you to secure a passive income without much risk. Unlike day trading, you don’t have to spend hours monitoring your positions or deciphering technical indicators. Instead, you can simply lock your VEMP tokens into a smart contract and start earning rewards immediately.

vEMPIRE is Coming to a Metaverse Near You

If you are the type of gamer who is tired of seeing your digital worlds taken over and dominated by a ruling class, vEMPIRE is a smart move. You can earn for spotting and removing centralization from these platforms. As such, you can expect to see the vEMPIRE invasion create a ripple effect in the market as more developers are now to be held accountable to their communities.