Silicon Finance Review: The First Decentralized IDO from Africa

Core Features of the Silicon Finance Ecosystem




Silicon Mobile App

KYC and Smart Contract Audit

$SLK Token

Token Allocation

  • 8% was put into a private sale where applicants received $SLK at highly discounted rates.
  • 10% was put into a seed sale.
  • 10% went into the public sale on Unicrypt
  • 4% is earmarked for the future development of the Silicon Finance project.
  • 8.8% was given to the team behind the Silicon Finance project.
  • 7% went to the project’s strategic partners.
  • 5% was awarded to the project’s advisors.
  • 6% will be used to finance marketing activities and for listings on centralized exchanges.
  • 41.2% will be used for staking emissions.


Final Thoughts



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