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Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a new financial technology in continuous development based on secure blockchain networks. Under this framework, banks and other financial institutions no longer find themselves in the middle of the financial system.

WinWinCoins is a new project joining this trend, promising to bring several innovative features. The project comes from BSUNIVERS CONSULTING, a French IT and financial company.

About WinWinCoins

The rise of cryptocurrencies has increased the number of new traders, many of whom have little or no expertise in the market or the ability to make actual trades.

The team points out that the lack of free time can be a real obstacle for people to gain interest and money in financial trading. WinWinCoins wishes to overcome this difficulty by introducing automated strategies in its offer.

We will find out more about the team’s idea and WinWinCoins features in the following sections.

A Quick Historical Overview by the Team

Before discussing the project’s features, we find it necessary to underline the historical premise included by the team inWinWinCoins whitepaper.

As a result of a computer-aided trading system called robot trading, market players can carry out user-defined actions to invest. In other words, some strategies possess components that a computer can replicate through artificial intelligence (AI).

In the 1970s, computerized trading systems appeared in the American financial markets, and robot trading began to take off. The computational power of computers back then was highly inferior compared to our modern technology.

The combination of AI methods and fast computers represents the premise that made projects such as WinWinCoins possible.

The Project’s Mission

Blockchain has become a new high-yield investment product that has the potential to outperform traditional assets. Its quick expansion and impressive performance have taken aback the entire financial community.

The ultimate objective of WinWinCoins is to create a more open and democratic platform that everyone may use. The team wants its blockchain-based solution to be accessible even to inexperienced users.

As the team points out, success in this mission could accelerate crypto mass adoption, a highly ambitious goal. WinWinCoins plans to enable investors to select the automated strategy based on several parameters.

A Closer Look into the Core Product

WinWinCoins promises to provide investors with the opportunity to profit from the collective wisdom of all trading robot pros. Once it goes live, WinWinCoins will introduce a clear division in its user community:

  • Trading robot experts who will be able to upload their algorithms to the site
  • Cryptocurrency investors who will be able to invest in the market despite having no prior knowledge of the field.

Investors interested in opening a position on this platform would select a robot among the available options. The system will assign performance and risk evaluation to each robot, two indicators that will apply to investors too.

As a result of their performance, robot specialists will be entitled to a portion of the revenues generated.

The Promised Benefits

The team promises three main benefits to WinWinCoins users:

  • Automation: One of the main goals of WinWinCoins is to make trading crypto on third-party exchanges as simple as possible. The developers wish to introduce a user-friendly system to help traders with different knowledge and experience.
  • Unified trading system: The team promises to launch an all-in-one solution allowing everyone to trade securely alongside pros with the social copy trading mechanism.
  • Reliability: WinWinCoins desires to provide users with a robust ecosystem to give them a fair chance of profiting.

The Project’s Token

After the current pre-sale phase ends in June, the $2WC token will be available on PancakeSwap. The team will provide a standard anti-whale tactic, preventing users from selling over 50 million tokens in a transaction.

Each $2WC sale will be subject to a tax of 9%, which will be allocated to various wallets. Specifically, we will see 3% of transactions going to the performance pool and another 3% feeding the liquidity pool. The remaining 3% will go to token holders (2%) and a burning wallet (1%).

Seventy-five percent of the funds will go to investors due to the system the team devised. As previously hinted, WinWinCoins will reward robot developers with 15% of the total income.

Additionally, the team has chosen to give away an additional 5% of tokens to charitable organizations. The remaining 5% will go to the performance pool.

WinWinCoins Roadmap

WinWinCoins chose to divide its future developments into four phases, as we summarize below.

Phase 1

This phase featured several preliminary milestones, such as:

  • Help spread the word about 2WC by creating a white paper.
  • Audit the smart contract using a respected, independent audit firm.
  • Use CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to increase the market reach of the project.
  • Set up a network of charitable organizations and onboard crypto partners.

Phase 2

Moving on, we will see other actions by the team. Among these, phase 2 will feature the following:

  • Make contact with exchanges that are willing to list $2WC.
  • Launch of the presale operation.
  • Share press releases regarding 2WC and its community.

Phase 3

The third phase will see the team working on:

  • Creating WinWinCoins apps.
  • Increasing sponsored promotion on the project and $2WC.
  • Maintain and expand the $2WC token’s reach and prominence.

Phase 4

The last phase in the team’s roadmap should introduce the project into a more mature stage. Specifically, we will see the following milestones:

  • Make the 2WC token a global sensation.
  • Online inclusion of robot trading systems.
  • A developer fund for trading robot initiatives created by developers.

Final Thoughts on WinWinCoins

WinWinCoins is a new project wishing to merge two technologies with high potential: blockchain and AI.

The team promises a fair and easy-to-use system, and the market will monitor the development of this initiative.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site. Trading cryptocurrencies is a highly risky activity that can lead to major losses. You should consult your financial advisor before making any decision.



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