Yield Optimization Platform and Protocol Launches V0 of its Application

The Yield Optimization Pad (YOP) operates as an all-inclusive DeFi ecosystem. The network combines the most in-demand features from the market to create a unique user experience unlike anything provided by the competition at this time. YOP users enjoy access to a wallet, DEX, marketplace, NFTs, and launchpad aggregator.

The goal behind this next-gen DeFi platform is to simplify on-boarding for new projects and investors. Users gain unfettered access to exclusive and exciting DeFi and NFT projects plus a host of other features to help you improve your ROIs. According to developers, YOP is the first IDO (Initial DeFi Offering) platform to enter service. As such, users gain access to all the leading launchpads.

From the YOP interface, users can scan through project reviews, reports, data, and scheduling information. This approach provides easy access to all vital developments in the market. You won’t miss a beat when you use YOP to stay on top of the DeFi sector. The platform also leverages some automation to help free up your time. In this way, YOP seeks to allow anyone to participate in the network and secure returns.

Entry Point for New Projects

New projects can leverage the firm’s IDO as well. The protocol provides a single location for these projects to gain momentum and liquidity by directly exposing them to new participants and investors. Notably, you can scroll through the top launch platforms and access IDO smart contracts from the interface directly. In this way, YOP streamlines investor onboarding across the sector.

YOP was built with security in mind. The platform provides much-needed transparency and clarity to new and experienced investors via its easy-to-navigate interface. This portal provides custody, insights, and custom parameters at a glance. You can easily access impartial reports, automation, project data, and schedule without the need to shift through multiple platforms.

Security is Paramount

YOP has shown its commitment to user safety in various ways. For one, the network is completely decentralized and non-custodial. You never have to send your tokens to the platform to participate in its staking features. You can stake directly from your YOP wallet. Additionally, the network recently locked USD 26,000,000 of tokens and liquidity via TrustSwap.

YOP Tech

YOP can offer such a wide range of features due to its technical characteristics. Notably, the platform features a dual blockchain structure that leverages both Ethereum and Polkadot’s ecosystems to create a yield-centric approach to DeFi. This strategy also provides users with more access in the market. YOP users can trade rare and exclusive NFTs and tokens not found on the competition.

The YOP Network

YOP has five components that work together to create a unique DeFi experience for users. The network relies on a staking mechanism to provide users with passive income-earning opportunities. The rewards from these ventures are paid out in YOP NFTs. Notably, the YOP Vault offers 133% APY on all staked coins. This ROI is one of the highest available to users today.


Another advantage for YOP users is the DEX. The network operates a peer-to-peer trading protocol that allows you to effortlessly locate and procure the most popular coins in the DeFi sector. You can also collect and trade NFTs using the network. NFTs are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the blockchain market at this time. Some of these unique digital assets have sold for over $6 million this year. For those interested in seeing some of the YOP NFT’s values, the MEME Platform concisely lists this data.

YOP — Top Features Combine to Bring You More Opportunity

For those seeking a more inclusive DeFi ecosystem, YOP may be the answer. The network has embraced the most popular features available to users today and combined them into a simple interactive interface. The addition of NFT support and an IDO places the platform far ahead of many of its competitors in terms of functionality. For these reasons, YOP continues to gain traction in the market as new users take notice. YOP is officially listed on Uniswap, Gate.io, Kucoin.

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